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Long term storage

PostPosted: Fri 3rd Jul 2020, 11:03pm
by YankWithAMini
We need to store our Mini for 2-3 years. I think I have most of my plan figured out:
-enclosed garage with good venting/air flow
-fog the engine
-drain gas, change brake fluid, change antifreeze, change oil, etc
-cover the car
-remove battery

The storage is tight, so I need the car to be mobile. What I am debating about now is whether to use wheel dollies, hub dollies, or build some sort of dolly for the frame. If I use wheel dollies, the tires will pretty much be destroyed, and I worry if rim damage can occur if the tire is flat for a long period. Hub dollies are good, but more expensive. There's no guarantee the tires will still be good after storage, too. I can slap together a wood frame with wheels on it and have it support the car from the subframes near where they meet the body, but I am not sure what effect having the suspension unloaded will have. Will that ruin the dampers? Can I take the dampers off and tie the arms up to limit droop?

Anyone have good advice they can share?

Re: Long term storage

PostPosted: Mon 6th Jul 2020, 02:37pm
by Zippyrude
i wouldnt bother draining anything, leave it lowish on fuel and maybe start it up every so often if you can, maybe add a litre or two of fresh fuel to help geet the old stuff from gumming up too much

battery off is a must

Re: Long term storage

PostPosted: Wed 8th Jul 2020, 05:04pm
by Nozzle
Can you get another set of 10 or 12" rims and tyres? Old/knackered is fine. That way you can swap off the wheel/tyre combo you want to preserve. I stored my Mini for a year or so in a timber barn. Left moth balls hanging around off wire in various places and cat litter in trays. To defend against rats/moisture respectively.


Re: Long term storage

PostPosted: Fri 10th Jul 2020, 02:17pm
by YankWithAMini
I can try to get old tires, but I only have a few weeks and finding something the correct size here in the US has always required special order and shipping, used/old narrows the field even more. Will check around though. There are a few other Mini's running around my area, so I might get lucky.

I think I have to rule out starting it periodically. I am leaving it in the care of someone else and don't want to burden them. It will also be stored in an area that would require moving the car before it can be started or run (ventilation), which makes it even more of a chore.

The fuel tank already has internal rust, so my thought was to just pull it and if it gets worse it's no real loss. Thinking of pulling the carb too and preserving that (and plugging the manifold, or course).

I have heard dryer sheets work well too, for keeping critters away. I'm making an investment to seal up the area it will be in, so I am not as concerned about wildlife.

Thanks for the advice!