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Headlights / stalk switch

PostPosted: Thu 26th Mar 2020, 11:34pm
by YankWithAMini
Troubleshooting a lot of electrical gremlins. I will start with this one:

I am using the electrical schematic in my Haynes manual. Wiring diagram 18 for 1988 and on carb models (I have an '88 Mayfair, three clock).

I can't get the main beams to come on when selected at the stalk switch. When I use the flash feature they come on. I verified voltage through the fuse box, and voltage where I think it should be at the stalk, but get no voltage at the BL/W terminal of the headlamp socket when main beam is selected. Voltage is present when the flash is used.I am not sure I understand how the main beams work enough to troubleshoot more, though.

I can see on the schematic that the PU wire comes from the fuse box to the flash switch at the stalk. I see how when activated the flash switch continues the PU wire, which flows to the BL/W wire to the lights. I verified this operation and circuit continuity at the light socket. I see how the BL wire from the stalk, which powers the rear fog light switch, is either powered from the BL/R wire (when in dip beam) or the PU wire (when in main beam). What I DON'T understand is what the circuit path should be when the stalk is in the main beam position. In this position I only get PU to BL connectivity (power to the fog lamp switch), but nothing that seems to connect power to BL/W at the stalk. Is the stalk supposed to essentially hold the flasher in the "on" position when main beam is selected, thereby completing the PU to BL/W connection? Something else?

The stalk is a recent replacement, as is the dim/dip relay.

Re: Headlights / stalk switch

PostPosted: Fri 3rd Jul 2020, 10:43pm
by YankWithAMini
Update: Gave up and took it to the shop. They found some issues I never would have found myself, such as some broken wires in non-obvious places. One problem was that the shop stated the wiring in mine differs some from what was shown in the manual for my model. The polarity to the headlights was reversed, too. Not sure if I did that when I installed the halogen upgrade. The shop mentioned there are two styles of bulbs, maybe I got hold of the wrong one? Who knows.

Cost a bundle, but we are driving again.

Re: Headlights / stalk switch

PostPosted: Mon 6th Jul 2020, 02:38pm
by Zippyrude
not sure about the bulb discussion, they are all pretty basic. old ones were integrated into the lights, newer ones removable.