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Metro 4 pot calipers

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Metro 4 pot calipers

Postby DUF2 » Tue 5th May 2020, 07:23pm

Hi, I am new to this forum and did post this in the wrong place!!
I have a problem with a caliper on my ‘65 Elf. Before I bought the car it had been modded with a 1275 A+ engine and Metro 8.4” vented disc brakes.
A couple of bleed nipples have broken off in one caliper and I have been unable to successfully remove them. I drilled one out to retap the hole 8mm, but the hole does not line up properly so I need a new caliper. I have the Goodridge brake pipes so need a caliper where the inlet port have been faced to allow a banjo bolt.
I ordered a caliper quoting the GBC2031 part number as listed on the Somerford site, but the caliper which I received had not been faced and a seal could not be made with the banjo.
I returned the caliper and tried another company, I explained what I needed and sent a foto, only to be asked for the Reg No, I advised this was no good and showed the Somerford listing. The caliper I have received again is not faced.
Am I using an incorrect part number?
Or does anyone have a serviceable right hand caliper?
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