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No dip beam

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No dip beam

Postby Badnessbass » Tue 21st Jul 2020, 12:24pm

I was just after some advice re a failure on my right hand indicator stalk on a 1980 clubman estate .before my dipped beam gave up the ghost ,(still have main beam and sidelights)smoke billowed out of the steering cowl a couple of times .so far I’ve checked the bulbs .both ok ,the red blue wire from the stalks to dip beam is ok ,as I tried it by disconnecting the Terminal from high beam blue and white and put that in its place and I got dip beam .so I have established that it must be a fault at the indicator stalks. I also checked the connections under the slam panel .if it is the indicator stalks I don’t really want to buy a new one as everything else works and was wondering for a lot less money could I not just buy a floor mounted dip /dim switch . ?
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Re: No dip beam

Postby Nozzle » Wed 22nd Jul 2020, 08:45pm

It seems odd that smoke should be coming from the steering cowl, as the cabling through there is for low-current and just to actuate a relay somewhere else. Do you know if there are previous owner bodges on the electrics?

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